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A little about us


We are a unique psychedelic rock band Hailing From Springfield Missouri 
we are a 5 piece band and just absolutely love music, playing, or listening to in general 
we just released our Brand NEW EP!!! 


Our Album Can Be Digitaly Downloaded on bandcamp


check us out on reverbnation





Upcoming shows!!!


8/28/14 - 9pm  Lindbergs bar w/ Pageanty and The Wellers


9/04/14 - 9pm Outland Bar w/ Cadaver Dogs and In The Whale


9/05/14 - 9 pm Frisco Taproom


9/06/14 - Bug Sounds Summer Concert Bolivar Mo


9/12/14 - 9pm Frisco Tap Room w/ Gardens On Mars and The Kursk


9/26/14 - Lindbergs Bar w/ New York New York (STL) and

The Sand / The Kursk


10/03/14 - 8pm Billiards The Blue Room w/ Gardens On Mars and The Kursk


10/10/14 - Outland Bar 10 pm BOTB w/Deep Fried Squirrel


10/12/14 - Outland Ballroom Breakout Music Contest


10/17/14 - 6pm Bug Sounds The Gathering


10/31/14 - Halloween Plush Bar STL



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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           Heavy Buffalo